Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation S.E.X.

We're in Maine tonight; tomorrow we'll cross two state lines and end up in Vermont. Now, how many quilt stores can I manage to visit on this trip? Certainly one: I was advised over the weekend not to miss the Calico Basket Quilt shop in Windham, just west of our current location.

Meanwhile, the message board I belong to, Pickle Road Studio on Yahoo!, introduced me to the joys of S.E.X., which stands for Stash Enhancing eXperiences. Suddenly, Starman was off and running with the double entendres. Hey, if it means we can actually stop our trip at a quilt store, and there are no tears when I come out with a shopping bag (and commensurately lighter wallet), he can make all the jokes he wants.

So, in keeping with my theory that vacation S.E.X. is best (not necessarily all the time, but work with me here), we'll see what I can find tomorrow.

The yellow Wip is still wippy, but mostly quilted. I'm pleased with the effect of cross-hatching on the wide (and frankly rather boring) yellow border. I took advantage of the fact that the fabric has a naturally even design that meant I could do all the quilting by eye. No way was I going to mark it.

I'm also pleased that my purchase of a special quilting attachment (the one with the open C-shape at the bottom, and a spring that hops it up and down) has solved (?!) my perennial problem with the main thread breaking as I quilted. That was money well spent!

Alas, no pictures. Let me get home, do the last little bit of quilting on the outer border and then I can show you how well it's come out.

But first, some S.E.X. on the road!

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