Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Quilting Circle of Life

Hey, look at that -- Shelina commented on my yellow quilt! I don't recognize her name, so I suspect she's not a Pickle Road denizen. Maybe she got here from the Quilt Bloggers roll. Don't know. Anyway, I then clicked over to her blog, and she had a link to Carolyn's blog, and Carolyn's got a giveaway going on here. It's all about inspiration, and what inspires us as quilters. I wrote a long comment, so if you want to read it, scroll toward the bottom of the comments -- you know it's me when you see it; I always go on too long!

But this has all gotten me thinking about the connectedness of quilters through the Internet. Back in the olden days, women quilted together. Any job goes faster if you're also having fun, and what's more fun than talking to like-minded friends? These days, that happens less often. Fewer people hand quilt (I don't, and I have to say, I'm unlikely ever to start), and just imagine the dog's breakfast you'd have it you tried to free-motion machine quilt all at the same time with your friends. (One machine or several -- I'm pretty sure it wouldn't come out either way.)

But the Internet allows us to meet new quilters, see what they're doing, and to talk about our lives. I will admit, this blog is meant to be just about my quilting. I have a "regular life" blog elsewhere. But I'm still chatting about life here too. Quilting is life, after all -- and I often think it's been a perfect effort for me: hard to do, I'm not perfect at it, but I'm improving. If that's not a definition of life, I don't know what is.

Thanks, Shelina and Carolyn! You got me thinking.

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