Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yellow Wip (Part 2)

Here it is, done . . . at least as a quilt top. I learned a new term this week: this is a flimsy, meaning the quilt top waiting to be married to the batting and backing. Sorry the colors are so poor -- I have to figure out a better place to take photographs, but it's hard as all the rooms in this house have a color bias.

As I mentioned before, I'm concerned that there's nothing linking the middle section, which is four large blocks in a polka dot print on white, a yellow-orange print, and a green tone-on-tone, with the borders, which are yellowish browns on either side of a soft yellow. I had thought I would put some simple applique flowers on the borders using the middle three fabrics, but as I've never done applique before, I'm a bit concerned about trying it out on an otherwise-unoffensive quilt top flimsy. After all, it's not the flimsy's fault that I didn't think out all the design implications in my choice of fabrics! In the end, I'll probably end up deciding by not deciding in time. I really do need to have this done by next Thursday, when I'm seeing my dentist.

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