Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still Flimsy, Still a Wip

I had some thought of working really hard to get the yellow baby quilt done for tomorrow, when I will be seeing the proud dad (aka my dentist). But various things have conspired to prevent me from trying out Sharon Schamber's method for basting the quilt sandwich, not the least of which is that although I have scads of batting, none of it is more than two feet wide. You gotta laugh (it uses less tissue than crying). So, although I've been JoAnn's recently, I'm going to have to make another trip to get batting.

The other real issue is that I'm being dragged into being a lawyer more hours a week than I had wanted to. (My ideal number of lawyer hours, paid or unpaid, would be zero.) I retired from the full time practice of law in 2001; I've worked for solo practioners part time on a couple occasions since then, but when I moved full time to the Endless Mountains, I figured that would be it for me as a lawyer.

But, as Starman and I are relatively young, we didn't want to close out the possibility that we'd need some extra income, so I keep up my license and continuing legal education hours necessary to maintain my active status. When the local historical society got sued by the local D-list celebrity, I volunteered my time for free. That meant that when we were ready to start the trial before our county judge, he figured out that I was available for court appointments. There are only a couple dozen lawyers in the entire county, and they need people willing and able to represent folks in custody and other cases. (I wouldn't let them appoint me in criminal cases; I know nothing about criminal procedure and so it really would be malpractice.)

So far, I've represented the mother whose parental rights are being terminated in one case, a child in another case whose biological dad was a no-show when his parental rights were being terminated, and most recently I am filling as counsel for the local children & youth agency. It's a lot, I'll be honest. I'm sitting here waiting for opposing counsel to call me. I should be cleaning up my sewing room/office so that I can a) get on with the yellow baby quilt, and b) prepare for a discovery dispute hearing next Monday.

Instead, I'm blogging. Says something, doesn't it?

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