Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First, Post

I like to quilt, and not all the readers of my narrow end blog like to quilt, so I thought I would start a quilt specific blog. Our house is called Harmony (following a family tradition of referring to houses by their street names, and no, I don't mean "Joey Nuts" or "Tiny" -- just the name of the street; I grew up in the Green Street house, followed by Union Street, etc.), so it made sense to get really literal. I have a quilt studio, and it's in Harmony. I do my basting in the barn loft, admittedly, but "Basting in the Barn" seemed a really dumb title.

Here are links to my previous quilty posts: The first two quilts I ever did; the next three quilts, my sixth, the title quilt (and better photos for the first two), an essay on why quilting is hard for me, basting the Harmony Triangle quilt, the Harmony Triangle quilt finished, and finally the last thing I made.

Of course, you're welcome to read the whole of my blog -- the wedding, the dog, the house, the lilacs, etc., etc., but keeping this quilt-oriented, I thought I would just make it easier for you to get to the ones that count.

I'm working on one of the two baby quilts I've promised myself I'd do, and the top is nearly done. I'll post photos when it's complete. I want to get that quilt finished by June 12, which is the next meeting of the Chenango Piecemakers, which is the guild I've joined. I don't feel like it's "my" guild yet; I still feel like a visitor, but I'll settle in soon enough.

Okay, that's got this thing started. Next up: photos!

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Jacquie said...

Thanks for coming to my party (giveaway.) Good luck! I'll be back to see more.