Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Finished Something!

Believe it or not, I have actually finished something. A quilt. Done. Mailed off, even. And received! (This is nearly a miracle. I think I worked on this quilt for close to nine months -- a labor of love in all senses of the term!)

A log cabin quilt, done in the colors I recalled from the decor of Lucy's room -- Lucy is Starman's niece, and our senior bridesmaid last spring in Yorkshire.

As I recalled her room, it had a pale pink wall, a pale (very pale) green wall, and some deep cerise fluffy pompoms strung on clear line near the ceiling.

This quilt ended up being rather more dominated by turquoise than I'd intended but that turns out to be an easier color to design around than dark green.

The border fabric.

The edging is a batik (or batik-style) fabric I also used in the back.

Which I pieced.

Yes, I am certifiably crazy. The nice men with the nets are coming for me even as I type this. I *thought* it would go quickly, as I was using a technique from the book Totally Tubular by Rita Hutchens; I'd seen it on TV and thought it looked easy. Which is kinda sorta is. I also thought it would be quick, which it kinda sorta is if you only do a wall hanging, such as is feature in her book. I was right on one point, though -- I did realize that because it ended up more-or-less on the bias, it could be made big enough for the backing without any concerns about keeping it square on to the front. I had that problem with this quilt, and I didn't want to repeat it.

Here's the backing:

Unfortunately, I didn't get the dimensions right as I had planned it, so I had to add in solid brick-shapes of the floral fabric and chop up the pinwheels more than I would have liked. I mean, seriously -- it's the BACKING. It didn't deserve the months & months of labor I put into it.

(At the same time -- and this will be my defense when the guys with nets come by -- Starman's niece is at an age where the quilt is fine for now, but it would be nice if she could use it at university and beyond. Flexibility was a consideration. So it's reversible. That doesn't entirely justify the amount of work I put in, but it's part of my thinking.)

Here's your proof that the binding was used in the backing. I know you care about that.

These colors didn't quite come out in these pictures -- again, it's all trending toward the turquoise -- but what I wanted to suggest was a flower garden with a seafoam green connection.

Okay, the guys in the nets can come along now; I'm ready for the padded cell. Except that Starman's nephew, Sam, has asked for a quilt and I've agreed. One thing's for sure -- it's getting a plain back!

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momula said...

Hi Magdalen,
Wanted to say hi, and CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your niece's quilt. Lovely colors, excellent quilting. And finished! And mailed! Kudos to you.
Found your site from your Ross's site about NYT crossword puzzles - I really don't like to have help, but once I'm done, I like to see what others thought/did.
I will be checking back to both of your sites!
When I finish my daughter's quilt, I will let you know. Because I know that you really want to hear that. Right? ( ;