Friday, August 1, 2008

The real before and after

I took photos of Harmony (that's just what we call our house) back in February 2006 to email the Starman. That was back when he and I were phone & email buddies. He was prepping his house in Twyford, England to be put on the market, and I guess I thought he'd be interested in what our house(s) looked like. Harmony was a weekend house at that time. And my then-husband (aka Hub 1.0) had a room for his tools and workbench.

Understand, this room has had a few identity-changes in its lifetime. I know that our predecessors used it as a bedroom. They maintained the upstairs bedrooms as guest rooms for the B&B traffic. Even after they stopped running the B&B, they didn't move upstairs. And the people who owned the house before then? Well, there is a proper bathroom in the basement, so I would guess that either of the small rooms downstairs (one's my office; the other is Starman's office) must have been a bedroom at some time.

And then it looked like this in 2006:

Hey, it could be worse -- I forget what the floor was prior to the flood, but it has a nice (enough) vinyl floor meant to echo the proper cork tile flooring in the TV room. Otherwise, well -- you get the general idea. Three-quarters workspace, one-quarter basement storage. Note the drill press on the left and the pachinko game in the middle.

And now:

Yup, that's the same corner as the shot above. Pretty amazing, hunh?

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